Unique opportunity for small businesses!
Attention small catering companies, pushcart vendors, personnel chefs, bakers/wedding cake decorators and specialty-food makers such as condiments & confectioners.

This space located in central Ottawa, offers a great opportunity for those in the initial stage of there business or for businesses not quite ready for the big leap to a store front.
The Ottawa Incubator Kitchen is designed to support small scale food
producers in offering a product to the marketplace without having to invest in the required commercial kitchen setting at start-up or as they are growing larger. The emphasis for this Incubator Kitchen is on food businesses that focus on local, organic and nutritionally valuable foods.

Send an email to pascale@pascalesicecream.com to enquirer about an application form.
Candidates will be reviewed & contacted at the earliest possible time.

2 thoughts on “Ottawa incubator kitchen- space for rent

  1. Hi my name is Josee and I am actually thinking of starting my own baking buisness. I am doing research now and seeing how much it would be to rent commercial kitchen space. So I was wondering if you could send me some info. That would be greatly appreicated

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