Find out about special pickup hours right here!

We’re offering special Thanksgiving pickup hours from the retail window this weekend:

Friday 12-4pm | Saturday 12-5pm

  • Ice cream treat boxes (dairy and vegan)
  • Box of 6 white chocolate cheesecakes on a stick
  • Concord grape jelly doughnut sandwich (v)
  • Cajeta goat cheese bar – milk chocolate puffed rice dip
White chocolate cheesecake bar

Grab a box of 6 white chocolate cheesecake on a stick for your #Thanksgiving festivities this weekend & save 1$ off each treat (24$ no tax for a box of 6).

This cheesecake recipe is from back in the day when I had my first kitchen job @cafenostalgica working alongside bandmates from @souljazzorchestra when they where first starting out.

I gave it my own spin by dipping them in a white chocolate taro magic shell + crunchy @sweetapolita sprinkles

I am offering free hot pear cider to everybody that orders and rolls up to the window while quantities last!

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