Celebrating 10 Years!

Pascale Berthiaume of Pascale's All Natural Ice Cream
One mouthful and you will be convinced that it is the best ice cream ever! (Photo courtesy Alexandre Mattar)

I distribute & sell a product that is all natural, made with fresh ingredients and no added preservatives.

I aspire to make the perfect ice cream, by starting with the highest butterfat cream.

Next, I make sure the air content is low, then I choose the best ingredients and add them with care by hand.

The result is a creamy and chewy texture.

Temperering ice cream

What is tempering? Hint: warming up your ice cream before you eat it!

My ice cream is stored @ -20 degrees celsius to maximize shelf life. After ice cream has been stored you need to temper it first after removing from the freezer, before you serve it. This means leaving it to slowly and gently soften at room temperature (usually between 10 to 15 minutes). Be careful not to temper it too fast though or it will spoil the texture of the ice cream. (The warmer the room is the faster it will temper.)


I like to squeeze the tub gently to see if it’s ready to eat!!!

Why is tempering important?

Tempering prevents your taste buds from freezing and allows maximum flavour potential!!!

How long does ice cream last?

Ice cream will last 2 to 3 months

The colder your freezer is the longer the ice cream will keep -18º C (0º F) to -23º C (-10º F) for extended storage. To prevent ice crystals, keep the lid on the container tight, and do not leave the ice cream out at room temperature too long. Thawing and refreezing can create large ice crystals causing an undesirable grainy or gritty texture, and diminished quality.


1. Do not keep the ice cream stored in the door of your freezer as you open and close the door often and the temperature fluctuation causes crystallization.

2. To avoid ice cream freezer burns, tear off a piece of saran wrap and cover the top of the ice cream before you put the lid back on. This technique works great!

3. If you visit me at the farmers market don’t forget to bring along your cooler bag to protect your precious cargo!!!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I just had your Sour Cherry/Rhubarb Ice Cream which was incredibly good. Now I can’t wait to try your other flavours. Does Market Organics sell your ice cream? They’re located in the Market on York st.

  2. hi!
    i could have sworn i saw somewhere that you did cashew ice cream. was i dreaming?

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