Retail Location

In 2020 you can order online for pickup from our retail window. Please check the homepage or Facebook for our current seasonal hours.

571 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa  Google maps

You can find out where else to get Pascale’s All Natural Ice Cream on the Where? page.

Get in Touch

Another happy Pascale's All Natural Ice Cream customerIf you need to get in touch, please contact us:

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Find out how to send me photos or suggest a new flavour right here.

3 thoughts on “Contact & Location

  1. Pascale,

    I just heard your interview on All in a Day…and now am craving ice cream. I have gestational diabetes, and can’t have any until July but you can bet that I’m going to get Jonathan to pick some up as soon as I have the baby.

    I miss our dinners…it was nice to hear your voice, and I love the idea of you making ice cream bars with a blow torch!

    Danielle Gregoire
    formerly of CHUO 89.1

    P.S. Raspberry/Rhubarb/Lemon?

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