Screaming Over Ice Cream in Edible Ottawa, July 2021

Pascale Berthiaume has been in a 3-year struggle over provincial regulations of dairy products that have almost killed her prosperous little business.

by Peter Simpson

Amy Zambonin Photography – Edible Ottawa, Pascale’s Ice Cream
Warren Sutherland, Dave Neil and Pascale Berthiaume
Warren Sutherland and Dave Neil of The Piggy Market with Pascale Berthiaume of Pascale’s All Natural Ice Cream, photo by Christian Lalonde, Photolux Studio for Ottawa Magazine

Ottawa Magazine, May 2019
Pascale’s Ice Cream celebrates 10 years with a party – and a takeout window
by Sarah Brown

Apron Industry, Fall 2010
Local Artisan Food Producers Pascale Berthiaume and Kelly Brisson are building their food businesses from scratch
by Colleen Johnson

Apartment 613, 27 May 2010
“I’ve Still Got You, Ice Cream”, interview with Pascale Berthiaume
by Dominic Maggiolo, Ottawa food philosopher and blogger

The, 16 April 2010
Goodbye stodgy Ottawa, hello Stockwell Day finger puppet by Reb Stevenson, Travel Writer

101 Must-Try-Before-You-Die Taste by Ottawa Magazine, September 2009 [PDF]

Oink if You Love Ice Cream by Shawna Wagman, Ottawa Magazine, July/August 2008 [PDF]

100 Miles Good Lickin’ by Laura Robin, The Ottawa Citizen, 19 June 2008 [PDF]

Are You Gonna Eat That?, 12 April 2008 Beauty and the Couscous

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