It’s that time of the year! Please see our Yule Log Orders blog post for full details. Dairy & Vegan options.

Ice cream Yule Log  $55

1) Vegan Tahini Caramel; Dates, maple, tahini, sea salt, coconut oil + date caramel base. (GF)

2) Vegan Coconut “No” Egg Nog; Cha’s Organic Coconut cream, agave, arrow root, vanilla, rum, spices, sea salt + gluten free vanilla coconut cake base

3) French Vanilla & Sour cherry; Cream, egg yolks, sugar, bourbon vanilla, sour cherries, unrefined olive Balsamic vinegar + chocolate cake base

4) Malted Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut; Cream, egg yolks, sugar, milk chocolate, malt powder, sea salt, hazelnuts + chocolate cake base

Send enquiries & orders to before November 25th.

Photo credit 📷 Kelly Gauthier;

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